Who Are the Enemies of Nationalism? or Patriotism?

Tuwaiq mountain in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

” we are not easternizing or westernizing. We are modernizing”

Fatimah Ba’ashan, former Saudi spokesperson in United States.

Enemies of nationalism and patriotism are the enemies of original identity, heritage, culture and enemies of nation’s sovereignty or even national security. The plan to modernize Saudi Arabia is welcomed by general Saudi public as it comes from Saudi people and devoted to Saudi people in first place. Throughout the history of the kingdom, neither Saudi royal family, nor Saudi people were ashamed of their original identity. Saudis have full respect to their tribal culture with strong family bonds and appreciation to the variety of heritage and traditions of the kingdom.

When Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman describes the Saudi people, he says: ” I am one out of 20 million Saudis. I am nothing without them!” or he says: “Saudi people are glorious and great as Tuwaiq mountains. Nothing can put their ambitions down except when Tuwaiq is smashed by the level of the ground!“. His royal highness has been inspiring the Saudis especially the young generation to work hard for Saudi Arabia, to keep their ambitions high and to believe in the future vision 2030 that is mainly made to modernize the country and utilize the existing capabilities. The crown prince is confident that Saudi Arabia’s massive reform plan will succeed and the reason why according to him is” we have all the elements of success to create something great and exceptional and the most important element is the Saudi people!”. He keeps referring to his people to have the most important role.

Is Media the enemy of Saudi People?

As opposed to the Saudi crown prince’s statements and efforts to encourages his people, media and journalists made Saudi people their own enemies by coming up with different accusations as an attempt to demonize the Saudi people or their roles in defending their country throughout the anti-Saudi media campaigns. They accused Saudi Twitter users to be bots, Mongolian attack, traitors، etc. However, the anti-Saudi people accusations reached new low when the Bloomberg reporter Vivian Nereim published an article about: ‘Traitor is the new infidel as nationalism grips Saudi Arabia’.

Bloomberg’s article that criticized nationalism lacks any credibility!

This article has deviated from reality in many ways. first of all, nobody calls anyone as ‘infidels’ in Saudi Arabia except those who are known to belong to muslim brotherhood organization that the crown prince is trying to eradicate from the country. Second, the quoted stories belonged to those people who actually attacked Saudi public and called them ‘traitors’ such as Muna Abu Suliman. Third, criticizing nationalism as an obstacle to Saudi vision is a completely false propaganda. The truth is exactly the opposite!

Nationalism versus Socialism

Yellow Vest Protests against UN migration pact in France

Over decades and especially over the last years how mass immigration in Europe and globalist agenda resulted in many issues. Yellow vest protests against UN migration pact has spread to many western countries. Yellow vest protestors were also disappointed how mass immigration is destroying the country’s identity, increased fights between different religious groups or even threatened the national security! Protesters were looking for improving their own life conditions rather than bringing foreigners with different ethnic, religious and cultural background, etc

Nationalism is necessary in Saudi Arabia to succeed under vision 2030

Addiriyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The capital of the 1st Saudi Arabia 1744-1818

Nationalism and patriotism are the necessary elements for any country’s prosperity. In order for Saudi massive reform plans to succeed, the reforms have to come from within the country rather than be dictated by foreigners. All foreign interferences in Saudi internal affairs so far were not welcomed by neither Saudi government nor Saudi people, were baseless and didn’t serve any of the country’s interests. Saudi crown prince’s message to the world was clear in this regards. and as former Saudi spokeswoman is United States, Fatima Ba’ashan stated:” we are not easternizing or westernizing. We are modernizing”.  These facts has to be respected by media and journalists as targeting Saudi public was not and will not be successful!


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